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About Us ...

A little bit of history 

Piece of Me Miniatures: fondly named for many reasons but one main reason, the horse is truly a Piece of us, this is all we talk about, think about; we live and breathe this every day. Piece of Me Miniatures was founded in 2009. Bryce Baker and Shawn Hester founders of Piece of Me have always both been involved in equestrian from a young age. Bryce and Shawn both have always been very active in the equine industry from a young age. Shawn Hester had always wanted a miniature horse so Bryce in his free time searching the web, came across an ad for five miniature horses. Shawn quickly jumped and they both decided to buy all five. Bryce then decided he would try his passion for training on a mini horse to drive; as he had started many saddle horses in the past. Soon after we purchased a driving stallion from Laurie Davidson of Heather Glen Farm in Arizona: CR Lakota Renegade. He was the first horse we started showing in performance classes. After Renegade won a few driving champions at local shows Baker started getting more and more horses in training. From that day forward the rest has been a strong passion and drive for success in the miniature horse industry. Bryce began showing an becoming more and more competitive at a World and National level; even to today to build their stock to be better and better.

Bryce is the sole trainer at Piece of Me Miniatures and has made many local, Regional, World as well as National Champions and GRAND champions.


With much excitement, we are now officially Texans! Piece Of Me Miniatures & Training Center has relocated to our beautiful 120 acre property that includes a 27 stall show barn, covered round pen and miles of trails for driving horses, located in the heart of horse country, Wortham, Texas.


Bryce and Shawn welcome all people to visit their farm and embrace the way of life of living with miniature horses there such amazing little horses.

More about Bryce

Bryce started riding Quarter horses in fifth grade. He learned how to start colts and all around horsemanship from TLC Quarter Horses the foundation of his training came from Maryann Ferrero. Not only did she teach Bryce A to Z about horses, but truly how to love and respect them. He then also worked for Oswood Stallion Station before they moved to Texas; learning the breeding side of the equine industry and total herd health. After Oswood's Bryce worked for Dilday Ranch riding working cow horses; that was a great experience developing him as a rider and being able to learn general horsemanship. The finishing touch was working for 'Ron Bechtel Training Center.' From starting Arabian horses Ron taught Bryce the finishing show techniques to really polish your show horses headsets and movement. Working with big horses has really given Bryce the knowledge and finesse it takes to work with these miniature horses to make them champions.

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