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  • Classic Pleasure

  • Country Pleasure

  • Single Pleasure

  • Roadster


Senior & Junior

  • Stallions

  • Mares

  • Geldings


  • Liberty

  • Hunter

  • Halter Obstacle

  • Driving Obstacle


  • Driven Dressage

  • Cones Timed

  • Marathon Driving

Bryce offers training and lessons in every aspect of your small equine needs.
Now accepting AMHA, AMHR, ASPC, and ASPR horses for 2021 show season


Come show with us!


Bryce also offers training and lessons in Combined Driving and  goes to several shows a year that are very competitive! He Has won multiple First and high points in training and preliminary level with pairs and singles.  


Bryce strives to allow everyone to enjoy these horses as much as he does by making it affordable. The price of training includes a stall in the barn or a turnout, feed according to your horses specific needs (supplements extra) training, grooming, one free lesson per week, turn out for free time, time on the hot walker, and daily love.


Piece of Me Miniatures is offering training and lessons. Bryce is young and has a fresh approach to natural horsemanship and non-force training techniques. Bryce has worked under several high end trainers in various equine industries gaining the knowledge to understand horse's way of thinking and learning so that he can teach both horses and humans effectively in a fun and safe environment.

Our training program is well rounded and gets horses started safely, happily and finished to drive or halter for performance or pleasure. Bryce does hours of ground work and a variety of work in the arena to develop them safely. Bryce feels it is extremely important to get them out of the arena as well to keep them happy and fresh. Horses have a life here at Piece of Me Miniatures they all have a fresh positive mind, by doing something new each and every day.

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Payments are due on the first but you have a grace period through the tenth of each month...please don't make us give you a late fee. If your horse comes in half way through the month we will pro rate you through to the first. 

Basic Training Fee's:

  • Miniatures (34" & under) $500/month 

  • Miniatures (34" to 38") $525/month

  • Show Ponies; Modern, Classic, ASPR $550/month

  • Lessons: $40 private $30 group 

  • Worming: $5 (recommended every 8 weeks) 

  • Trimming: $35 (recommended every 8 weeks) 

  • Multiple Horse Discount $50.00 per horse

Basic Boarding Fee's:

  • Board for mini: $200 Barn (comes with light exercise and show horse grain and cubes) or $125 Pasture 

  • Board for mare here to breed: $200 includes hand breeding and transportation to preg checks

  • Board for big horse: $250 Pasture or $300 pipe pen or $350 Stall

  • Foaling: $15/day this includes board (Breeder Alert, Cameras, 24hr care)

What to bring for horse in training:

What to bring for your horse in training:

  • Medium blanket for show

  • Medium blanket for everyday

  • Neck wrap and throat latch for show

  • Neck wrap and throat latch for everyday

  • ​Neck or full body sleazy 

  • Sheet for show

  • Color copy of registration papers (both sides)

  • Copy of amateur card

  • Stallion verification form (If needed)

  • Having the proper tools helps us with the success of your show horse. Its always good to get the paper work we need before shows start rolling around! If proper blankets are not provided client will be billed for rental fee for the use of POM blankets.


2021 Show Fee's:

* Please note:  Training and show fees are separate even though your horse is at a show does not make training cheaper that month training covers feed, working, cleaning stalls waters all of which we still do at a show; show fees cover what is listed below. They are two separate fees for different services provided.

  • Local​ Shows $350.00 per show (If a show is over 600 miles round trip add an additional $0.20/mile)

  • AMHA Regionals $500.00 per horse

  • AMHR Area Show $500.00 per horse

  • ASPC Congress $1400.00

  • World show fee $1400.00 (If your horse goes to Worlds and Nationals $2000.00)

  • National show fee $1400.00 (If your horse goes to Worlds and Nationals $2000.00)

Includes: Clipping, hauling to show, lessons and advice before classes, fitting, use of our equipment and products, showing and handling, help, hotel/ RV parking, dry cleaning, tack stall, truck, trailer, plane ticket if needed, horse laundry before and after a show, mini dividers, oil change, tires, house sitting, and more! 

* Please Note: this does not include your entry fees or shavings)

Piece of Me Miniatures will decide what classes your horse will be most successful in...we do not want to add them in classes that they will not succeed in we want to save their effort and energy for classes that will benefit their future.

Bryce Baker refuses the right to decide who they show in each class depending on who they feel will have the most success and decide who he will show in Grand classes at every show! 

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