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Offered For Sale

The foals we produce are carefully bred, with the finest, most sought after bloodlines in the miniature horse world. Producing horses that possess exceptional conformation, and great temperaments is our first goal, among many other aspects. You are sure to find your next top halter or performance horse at Piece of Me.  


Contact Us for your next halter or driving prospect! 

Bryce Baker & Shawn Hester

8447 FM 641 - Wortham, TX 76693
(559) 920-6624 -

Terms and Conditions

All horses are sold in "as is condition." Purchasers are more than welcome to have a pre-purchase exam done on any horse. Horses sold for under $1000 crossing state lines will be of the purchasers responsible to pay for the Health and Coggins Test.  

Prices may vary...the longer the horse is here in training or being worked with the price may reflect the work that is put into each horse being offered. Please contact for current price upon inquiry.

Horses sold will be gladly held for up to a month free of charge with half the purchase price down as a deposit non-refundable, after that 30 days has elapsed buyer must pay normal boarding or training rate. Once owner has agreed to purchase the horse owner is in fully in charge of all costs for total health and care of the horse for example: vet care, worming, hoof care, and more. Foals that are not weaned are exempt of thirty day board fees. Any additional time needed after the month has exposed will be charged. Deposits are strictly NON-Refundable and vet care transfers to new owner as soon as deposit is received.

For more info on any of our beautiful horses for sale please contact: 559-920-6624 or find us on Facebook

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